Welcome to My World

My name is Whitney.  My goal is to get the right players in the right game. I won’t talk you into it, I won’t convince you this is what you should do. You’re an adult now and it’s not my job to explain the obvious to you. I can be brutally honest, sarcastic, and a complete smart ass but it breaks my heart when I have to give bad news to one of my people. I’m terrified of insects. I’m an undercover nerd that doesn’t stay undercover when you get to know me. I cry when Darth Vader dies and I dream in cartoons.

Apparently I don’t take life or people seriously.

So here’s the road map on how I became a tech recruiter. Upon graduation from Texas State University (Bobcat for life!) I found myself with the  “deer caught in the headlights” look as  I realized that college prepared me for a lot of things — functioning with no sleep, sounding intelligent when I had no clue, ramen noodles have many uses — but what it didn’t prepare me for was the whole “now it’s time to get a job” thing. I had in hand, a degree in talking and absolutely no idea what to do with it. Thank you college.

Fast forward a few years and after interviewing with several staffing agencies and being told I had no experience, come back when you do, I landed a recruiting job working for Wall Street investors (to explain how much fun that was I’ll need to create a completely different blog) suffice to say I learned more in 2 years than I did in college. After my stint there I moved into the agency world and haven’t looked back since. I love recruiting. I love technology — and I found a career where I can use my degree in talking everyday! Take that Marketing majors!

I am passionate about making sure I match my candidates to the right job and finding the right solutions for my clients. I value honesty and hard work and look for those qualities in candidates (among others). I’m not going to ask you the standard HR questions in an interview because let’s face it, those questions are bullshit and I don’t have time for that. I hope you don’t either. Interviews should be a conversation and as transparent as humanly possible. That’s the goal anyways.

I’ll talk a lot about the whole “find a job” thing on this blog but you’ll probably also get random posts about things I like, moments of self discovery, Krav Maga, CrossFit, and quite possibly my adorable little niece. Let’s get to it!


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